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Campus Wifi

Broadband connectivity is changing the way students learn and educators teach. New technologies make connecting your campus easier and more affordable than ever. GLAN’s new Campus WiFi offering allows your campus to benefit from fast, reliable Internet service.

Universities and colleges often have numerous issues with their equipment and technologies provided by multiple manufacturers, creating a Frankenstein network. Campus wireless networks are frequently down, equipment management is complicated, different systems do not talk to each other and in some places the network does not exist at all. University or college campuses are often geographically large areas and require wireless networks that are both powerful and reliable.

Using high-quality, low-cost equipment from manufacturers like Ubiquiti and Mikrotik, Inveneo’s comprehensive solution connects your entire campus using one scalable, easily managed network.

GLAN provides simplified authentication, improved confidentiality for data being transmitted wirelessly, and is the preferred Wi-Fi option for eligible campus users. The secure automatic connection means that users only login once. The encryption of wireless data traffic improves security.


Access the internet wherever you need it with your GLAN User Name and Password. Our Wi-Fi connection is handy and easy to connect to and allows you to access at over 50 hotspots across Coimbatore.

Now you can enjoy a broadband internet experience even outside your home. Whether at your favorite café, restaurant or local GLAN wiFi guarantees a secure and reliable connectivity on your laptop or handheld device.

For more details about Hot Spot Areas please contact us now.

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