• Hi Speed Broad Band
    "Unthinkable speeds at Unbelievable prices"
    Incredible Speed
    Incredible FUP
    24/7 Common Hot Spots
  • Enterprise Data Solution
    Dedicated Internet Connectivity for Businesses.
    High-speed internet connectivity starting from 1 Mbps up to 1 Gbps
    End to End Service Level Agreement
    Partnered with Multiple carriers & Telecom Companies
  • Dedicated Support
    Our Most Helpfull Support Staff Ever
    24 x 7 Dedicated Support
    Dedicated Account Managed Sales, Service & NOC
    Customised traffic prioritization and QoS

The most trusted and dedicated Internet Service provider.

    Glan Solution India Private Limited (GLAN) offers secured wireless broadband as well as FTTH services to home and enterprise customers in coimbatore SSA of Tamilnadu. GLAN possesses an Class-C ISP license granted by the Ministry of Communications, Govt. of India. GLAN envisions a powerful Broadband-enabled India and will make all possible contribution to make this happen.


  • Upto 5 Mbps

  • र 349

  • Data Usage : 30 GB
  • After Fup :512 Kbps
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  • Upto 10 Mbps

  • र 599

  • Data Usage : 50 GB
  • After Fup :1 Mbps
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  • Upto 15 Mbps

  • र 699

  • Data Usage : 50 GB
  • After Fup :1 Mbps
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  • Upto 20 Mbps

  • र 799

  • Data Usage : 50 GB
  • After Fup :1 Mbps
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  • Upto 25 Mbps

  • र 899

  • Data Usage : 50 GB
  • After Fup :2 Mbps
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Other Services

IT Solutions

This is the best place to get the right solutions to your business needs. Yes, We are one of the leading IT Solutions in your Business Privacy.More Details..

Network Infrastructure Management

Is your company’s network infrastructure optimally configured to take advantage of today’s advanced routing and switching technology to meet the increasing demands for bandwidth? More Details..

Campus WIFI & Hot Spot

GLAN provides simplified authentication, improved confidentiality for data being transmitted wirelessly, and is the preferred Wi-Fi option for eligible campus users. More Details..

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